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Reliable Controls is a Victoria based high-tech company that manufactures sophisticated building control systems. Their combined office and manufacturing campus, located in View Royal, recently underwent substantial renovations for which Reliable has achieved LEED™ Platinum certification.


MDI developed the landscape design and coordinated all work related to the site's stormwater management. To date, this is our most complete landscape design for integrated stormwater management that successfully addresses both volume and water quality objectives. The project includes landscape-based rainwater management elements that bring the outdoor spaces of the site to life during rain events, and that add beauty to the site in dry weather. The large rain garden and retained grove of trees that front the renovated headquarters establish a design language and aesthetic that is entirely consistent with Reliable Controls' commitment to environmental excellence. The CRD awarded this project with an EcoStar Award in 2013 for Integrated Watershed Management.


Courtyard rainwater landscape planters that clean roof runoff and provide wet-season water features, brightening the plaza and adjacent offices;  

Cobble swales serve as water conveyance features from the courtyard landscape to a large rain garden feature in front of the new office wing;

A prominent rain garden feature, nestled into a retained grove of Arbutus and Garry Oak trees; 

A sizable extensive green roof, which is visible from office windows overlooking the roof; and

A large cistern included in the building design, to store water for landscape irrigation and toilet flushing.

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