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Rainbow Hill is a comprehensively planned residential development situated on a 9.6 acre site next to the Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary in Saanich. As the project site is part of a Garry oak meadow ecosystem, sensitive planning and design was required to retain Garry oaks and restore meadow landscape.

One of the first collaborations between MDI principals Paul de Greeff and Scott Murdoch, this project represents a successful application of site adaptive planning - a planning process developed by renowned author and Landscape Planner Dr. William Marsh. Framework plans that were produced through the site adaptive planning process were used as a model for developing the plans further into rezoning, development permit, building permit and construction drawings for the entire development.

MDI provided general site planning services, site grading services, planting designs, and stormwater management plans for the project. Our firm's services were retained from early project site planning, through to construction.

Aplamoado Developments Ltd.

Praxis Architects Inc.

Civil Engineering:
J.E. Anderson + Associates

Completion Date:

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