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Bee Creek is a small groundwater-fed stream in Colwood that discharges into the Equimalt Lagoon estuarian habitat and provides cutthroat trout and salmon habitat.

MDI was involved in the first two phases of the creek's restoration. The first phase involved the removal of a small dam and hundreds of cubic meters of sediment that had accumulated behind the dam. A new stream channel and riparian plantings were established in place of the removed dam structure and former impoundment area. 

The second phase of the project involved restoration of creek reaches from the former dam and impoundment area all the way down to Esquimalt Lagoon – almost a kilometer of channel in all. MDI oversaw the production of hundreds of native plants in a small production nursery established on site.

The creek restoration project is monitored regularly by the 
Esquimalt Lagoon Stewardship Initiative (ELSI), for water quality. Fish sampling is also conducted in Bee Creek.

Pacific Centre Family Services Association

Volunteer Project Manager:
John Bergbusch

Aqua-Tex Scientific Consulting Ltd.

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