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The City of Victoria retained MDI  to design the Cecelia Road Greenway project that integrates improved vehicle circulation, pedestrian circulation, and rain water management into a small urban greenway space. Cecelia Road is a people-priority greenway that had been identified for upgrades, as part of the City of Victoria’s Greenway Plan. MDI led the design team that developed the city’s preliminary plans, and then helped to distill public input on concept designs for use in finalizing details and construction documents.

The new greenway provides a strong connection from an adjacent play area and the neighbourhood above, to Cecelia Ravine Park and the Galloping Goose Trail below. The design attempts to lend a human-scale, pedestrian-friendly quality to the streetscape, and playfully celebrates stormwater management through the street. 

MDI oversaw construction of this project, acting as the contract administrator through the construction process.

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