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Trent Street is a short section of road near the Royal Jubilee Hospital that services St Patrick's School, a CRD pump station, and several parking lots. The street was renovated by the City of Victoria, during CRD underground service upgrades, to improve safety for vehicles and pedestrians, and to implement a Stormwater Source Control pilot project. 

MDI developed concept designs, sizing criteria, details, construction documents, and oversaw construction of the road improvement project for Trent Street, in collaboration with the project’s civil engineers. The rain gardens that MDI designed for this project are the first municipal rain gardens installed by the City of Victoria.

The rain gardens treat surface runoff from the majority of Trent Street and are designed to handle a two-year rain event. In addition to managing rainwater volume and pollution, before it flows into nearby Bowker Creek, these multi-functional planters also narrow the road, calm traffic, separate pedestrian from vehicular traffic and create wildlife habitat.

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